Resilience Coaching

Gain more resilience and balance in your life with certified HeartMath Coach, Gina Cole. This revolutionary programme is for those willing to engage in new practices to achieve more and Add Heart™ to decisions, relationships, and work.

Is This You?

  • Feel stressed or overwhelmed
  • Unable to regulate emotions
  • Fear you may lose control
  • Have a sense of imbalance
  • Overall poor wellbeing

If you answered yes to any of the above and are ready to start a practice that can make massive changes, then you’re in the right place.

HeartMath Resilience Coaching

Over 26 years of research have culminated in science-based HeartMath tools and techniques to help thousands of people all over the world manage stress and build resilience. This complete practice has over 300 independent peer-reviewed studies, is recommended by thousands of health professionals.

After experiencing the programme herself, Gina Cole became a certified coach to help guide others through the programme, use the ground-breaking tools and make massive changes to their resilience and wellbeing.

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It Really Works

In addition to being a certified coach, Gina has used a focussed HeartMath™ approach in her own life to brilliant effect – the benefits are quite amazing and now she wants to share the heart with everyone else too. Do you want to experience:

  • Increased clarity
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Better decision making
  • Improved sleep
  • Higher energy levels

Be kinder to yourself, turn off the imposter syndrome critical voice and add a good dollop of happiness with the HeartMath™ system.

Are You Ready For Resilience Coaching Like No Other?

Working together for a commitment of 4 sessions over a 4-6-week period, Gina will help you implement the HeartMath practice and work with you on a one-to-one basis to improve your resilience. Once signed up you can the HeartMath tools and will receive Inner Balance technology to help facilitate your progress and view your results.

Resilience Coaching For Groups

If you have a group need for resilience coaching, in a business setting, for example, Gina can accommodate group sessions and get your team started with HeartMath. Add Heart to your team and see overall improved wellbeing, increased productivity, and higher levels of staff retention.

Why Work With GC Development?  

MD Gina Cole is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD (FCIPD), the highest level of membership for people professionals. Dedicated to helping people from all walks of life achieve happiness and overcome obstacles, Gina relishes the chance to work with people ready to make big changes.

As a certified HeartMath coach, Gina works directly from the source to help you unfold higher potential and rise above daily stress.

Want coaching? Get on-board…